A Few Thoughts from Me…

A Few Thoughts from Me... 1

Hello everyone, well we made it to the weekend. It’s pretty crazy to think what can happen in one week.

As of this morning, we have six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the US Virgin Islands. We still have 43 tests that are awaiting results.

I am still receiving emails asking whether or not people should visit us. If your trip is within the next two weeks, I ask you to ask yourself how you would feel if you unknowingly carried the virus to already vulnerable place with a fragile healthcare system. If you love St. John, please stay home if your trip is supposed to take place this month or the first week of April.

My income is based on tourism. My partner’s income is heavily based on tourism. The majority of my friends’ income is based on tourism. At this point, we recognize that it is more important to keep our community safe than to encourage guests to visit the island. It saddens me to write that, but that is the current reality here.

If your trip is in the latter part of April, May, June or beyond, I ask that you hold off before canceling or postponing this trip. Let’s take a wait and see approach. At this point, I am hopeful that tourism will resume by mid- to late spring.

For those of you who already cancelled your trips, I ask that you come back when you are able to. And if you are able to come back, please support our local businesses. Go out to eat.  Take a ride in a taxi. Purchase a souvenir. Go on a boat trip. Or even take an island tour with me.

Beginning today, businesses in the US Virgin Islands can only have 10 patrons at a time. Because of this, the majority of restaurants are offering take-out only. Some have decided to close altogether.

Starfish Market, here on St. John, will offer seniors-only hour every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. to persons age 60 and over. This should be reserved for residents only and not guests to the island.

I’m happy that the US Virgin Islands is taking steps to stop the spread, although I wish they would take more action to keep our community safe and healthy.

We got through Irma and Maria, and we will get through this too. -Jenn xoxo

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  1. Thank you very much for this. Stay safe, stock up, and hunker down in paradise. At least you have plenty of vitamin D on hand:)

  2. Hi Jenn, the state of affairs is discomforting to say the least. We are due back mid May and hope that conditions permit our visit. My heart wishes it so, my head tells me otherwise. Health concerns, availability of flights, travel restrictions and depletion of discretionary funding are formidable obstacles with which to deal at the moment. I am confident that the environment will change for the better but not for months.

    Nonetheless, please know that those of us who treasure the island have the full time residents in our hearts and wish you well. We’ll see you as soon as possible.

  3. Hi Jenn – all your updates we so helpful in making the decision to cancel for next week. The island welfare is #1. We came back the summer after Irma to support STJ. This time will be no different. Stay safe.

  4. Thanks Jenn. Still planning on making our annual trip June 1 (provided they don’t shut off the airport) and will be going online over the next few days to buy gift certificates from STJ businesses. We’re going to spend the money there anyway. I encourage others to do the same. Even if we have to delay arrival, the gift certificates will help all in the end. Keep up the good work and stay safe, stay clean.

  5. I have been reading this daily since I booked my June trip a few weeks ago. I so appreciate the updates and am praying I’ll finally make it to St. John — haven’t been there since 1993! Be well.

  6. Had we not canceled our trip we would have arrived on island today. It was a difficult decision to make, but your article just made me feel so much better about it. Thank you! We also came back in the summer after Irma and looking now into villas for the end of June. It’s the only thing that is making me feel better right now. Praying for all our sakes that we will have a handle on the virus by then. Be well.

  7. Praying for everyone’s, physical and financial health. Thanks for the reporting & updates Jenn. Hoping we can keep our May 21st arrival!

  8. Again, thanks Jenn. Follow you every day! Sad about the 6 cases, saw that in USVI press last night. Hopefully everyone is taking this seriously so we can all get back to some normality in several weeks, and get through with the least health and financial hurt as possible. Everyone is in this together, and must quarantine as much as possible, and be very careful. We had to cancel our trip last week, and by all accounts it looks like it may be summer before there is some indications that crowds can gather again – but fingers crossed it may also end sooner!

  9. Still visiting here for a few more days, and are VERY Thankful for the restaurants still open for take out. We know it’s tough to exist only on carry out, but glad to do our part to help ease the burden.

  10. Jenn,
    Thank you for posting this.. It had to be very hard!
    It is the right thing to do!!!!

    .. it’s not too early to start one of your successful donation drives…

    ..jay @ the reef

  11. Hi Jenn: Thank for keeping us to date on this mess. We are scheduled for 2 weeks at Milk Moon cottage from 4/26/2020, which will be our 23rd year in this paradise. We have to get out of this crazy time and weather in Old Lyme CT. You have been our anchor to the island. Please be safe and keep up the great work.
    Jane & Tom

  12. Jenn,
    Thanks so much for the updates. This info. will help us decide timing on when to re-schedule our trip dates. Your positive stories and island photos whisk me away to my St. John “happy place”. That is a welcome retreat from scary daily news. You are appreciated!!

  13. This is a question, my first time applying for unemployment in St. John, do you know how we can go about it, if not able to go to st.thomas?

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