A baggage tax at St. Thomas aiport?

Sounds like the airlines are getting fed up with the management of the St. Thomas airport.

A report of a meeting between the Governor and representatives of the major airlines serving Cyril E. King was headlined, by the Governor's press contact, as "an open and frank discussion."  Those of us with any experience in Washington know what THAT means!

While the Governor complained to the airlines they they have to be more active in alerting the territory when people bring guns in their luggage, the airlines were more focused on business issues.

The government's reaction was to start talking about new fees. Everyone knows the airport baggage facilities are not. Port Authority officials said, "Once solutions are identified … (they) may consider implementing a baggage belt charge as a funding source.," the Governor reported.

What next?  charge for using the turnstile to come into the airport from the tarmac?

The airlines and the government agree the food concession at the airport is sub-standard. "Neither the VIPA nor passengers are being served well by the operator given the limited hours of operation and the limited food selections." They're going to "review the contractual relationship with Concessions International.

The Governor also said the government will review how to get rid of derelict, inoperable aircraft which are languishing at the airport. "Several disabled aircraft, including those owned by a defunct cargo airline, are occupying … spaces." the Governor said.

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