9th Largest Yacht in the World Visits St. John

Sailing Yacht A April 15 2019
Image credit: Captain Brent Fox

Time and time again, I get asked if St. John is ready for visitors. Well on Monday, the ninth largest yacht in the world chose to visit St. John when it could easily visit any destination in the world. So if that doesn’t say that St. John is ready, I’m not sure what does.

Sailing Yacht A is 468 feet in length and owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko, who is number 90 on the Forbes billionaire list. The yacht is referred to as being a “sail-assisted motor yacht” and is the largest boat of its kind in the world.

Here are a few random facts from Boat International:

  • 3,747 is the total sail area in meters
  • 100 meters is the height of the mainmast over water – This makes it taller than Big Ben.
  • 90 knots is the maximum wind speed the masts can withstand
  • The yacht has 54 crew members.
  • It has eight decks, multiple elevators, and garages for four tenders and a submarine. Yes, a submarine.
  • It has an underwater viewing pod that is moulded into the keel.
  • Sailing Yacht A cost more than $450 million to build.

As of 6 p.m. Monday night, Sailing Yacht A was anchored north of St. John near Whistling Cay, according to MarineTraffic.com. On Tuesday morning, it was located south of Lovango, across from Lind Point.

Here are a few pics taken Monday afternoon:

Sailing Yacht A Starboard Sailing Yacht A Stern

North of Peter Bay
North of Peter Bay

This isn’t the first time a Russian billionaire visited St. John with an impressive yacht. Le Grande Bleu visited back in 2015. Click here to read all about it and to see pics.

23 thoughts on “9th Largest Yacht in the World Visits St. John”

  1. It’s ugly as all get out. 450 mil obviously can buy neither class nor elegance.

    Nice name for a yacht too btw. Real creative.

  2. I agree it is not all that to look at, however, would be great if they spent a lot of their billions on the Island – welcome the travelers! There is a saying – beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! Spend spend spend!!!

    • Right. Only the Money matters. How a Russian fat cat compiles it within a Mafia State doesn’t. From a distance I mistook it for a warship. Masts are superfluous

  3. Wonder what the interior looks like?

    Not a ton of interior photos on google but apparently his other yacht was bomb proof?

    Who wants to be on a yacht and not be able to get bombed???

    I wouldn’t mind hanging on this dudes yacht for a bit though as it is better than the snow in MN!!!

  4. WHAT A MONSTROSITY. like other luxury yachts, do they drag their anchors all over the coral ? Has Maho really made a turn for the worse??

    • Yup… Maho is not the same. Was there 2 wks ago. Pretty disappointed with all the N. Shore beaches. Hurricanes were one thing, but I felt like doors have been opened to allow just about anything to happen to build tourism back up to where it was before the storms. Too much to fast.

    • Maho is garbage now; such an eyesore. It is so sad. It once was my favorite beach, I refuse to go there now. I also worry how the increased number of people will affect the turtles and sea life. I am sure they will litter, etc.

  5. It really is ugly. It looks like a war ship, not a luxury yacht. But it’s good for the island. I hope he spent a TON of money.

  6. It has been in front of our house on VG for a few days and it grows on you. The first time I saw it I thought it was super odd. I now think it is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

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