Punch and art in paradise

Elaine Estern’s Coconut Studios
is the place to be Wednesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  The long-time island resident, and award-winning artist, opens her beachfront gallery cottage for receptions each week.  The get together is very relaxed, as Estern invites you to walk around what is also her home and its new kitchen.  “I still don’t cook, and there’s no stove,” she told the St. John Sun-Times.  But it is finished with Estern’s hand-painted tiles.

The gallery is also a wonderful gift shop, too.  Besides her original watercolors and prints, Estern has managed to affix copies of her drawings and paintings to any number of knickknacks which make wonderful gifts such as potholders, key chains, coasters.  I know they sound kitschy, but believe me, they are charming,

At least drop by for a chance to see the beautiful sunset, and don’t forget to scratch the ears of the mascot, Godiva, the chocolate Labrador, who’s also featured in a number of Estern’s paintings.

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  1. Let Elaine Estern known that her American friends from Nebraska consider her a great artist.
    Henry & Ethel Mount
    8110 Prescott Avenue

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