8 Tuff Miles – In Six-ish Minutes

video still 8 tuff

I stumbled across this video taken by one of the runners at 8 Tuff Miles, and it’s pretty darn good if you ask me. My favorite part is right around 4 minutes and 53 seconds. That’s our water station over at Mile Marker 8. And yes, News of St. John, Palm Tree Charters, Fun and Contentment and St. John Car Rental did hand out tequila shots … and a whole lot more!

Check it out:

5 thoughts on “8 Tuff Miles – In Six-ish Minutes”

  1. What a great time. As a runner, this was by far the most gratifying race. Hills, views, community, great weather, fireball shots, post race at skinny legs. Yes please!

    • I apologize… there were a lot of things I probably forgot to record. The camera’s battery wouldn’t last the whole race so I had to remember to turn it on to record (half of the mile markers I had to run back because I forgot to record it) and turn off to save the battery.

  2. We had a great time ! Thanks to everyone involved in making this great event happen. We did the event three years ago and wanted to make it back for the 20th. Not brave enough to try the shots on the course.

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