8 Tuff Miles aims higher

Organizers are hoping to sign up 1,100 competitors for the next 8 Tuff Miles road race on St. John.  That would be 10% more than last year's lineup of runners/joggers/walkers/funsters.

Thumb-84 Peter Alter, the race founder, is making it easy for state siders to register.  You can do it online at Active.com, after Oct. 1st.  The first 366 spots will be filled on that site, then the remaining 734 slots will be for locals only.  

The registration fee for the Feb. 25th race is $40 for adults, kids $15. New this year is the option for registrants to transfer their bib number to someone else, in case something comes up and you can't make the race.  (Will we see them on eBay next?) Photo courtesy of Steve Simonsen.

Getting across the finish line is well worth it this year. First, everyone finishing the race gets a t-shirt!

Second, Alter said, "Last year a 100 lb. pig at the award ceremony was not enough so we're going to roast two 100 pounders this year. And we're going to have more brew too!"

Keep up to date with race perparations opn the 8 Tuff Miles Facebook page.

5 thoughts on “8 Tuff Miles aims higher”

  1. You may call it ‘cash cow’.
    I call it, for starters, a job. And, then, a contribution.
    Peter birthed this thing more than 10 years ago; tirelessly promotes it year round, on and off island, and has turned it into a wonderful community activity.
    You don’t want to run? Stay home.

  2. We love this race! Will be signing up for #3 on Oct 1st. It is really well done. Love the awards ceremony, too- even though I am never close to winning one 😉

  3. $40 is cheap! The NYC Marathon is now $200 to enter. It went from a virtually free event 40 yrs ago to over 10 million dollaz now to pt it on. $40 ain’t bad considering the expenses of putting on an event like this. My hat goes off and I salute Mr. Alter, and it’s not a one-finger salute.

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