60th anniversary for St. Johns Bay Rum

Yep, they call it "Johns."  For 60 years, the West Indies Bay Co.’s
been producing the men’s cologne, after shave, and soap products.
Originally made on St. John, a Danish chemist in 1838 discovered
the oil of the Bay trees which grew on island.  "Bay rum is an all
purpose lotion," Jerry Woodhouse, president of the company, told the Virgin Islands Daily News.
"People have used it for hundreds of years to pour in bath water, as an
aftershave, dab it on mosquito bits, put it on to avoid the bites,
massage out sore muscles and as a headache remedy."  (Bet it’s also a
breath mint."  In 1921, production halted due to Prohibition, but
resumed in 1946 on St. Thomas thanks to efforts of an entrepreneur from
Minneapolis.  Woodhouse bought the company in the late ’70s.  The
business has expanded to include international sales through the
Internet at http://stjohnsbayrum.com/category.php?category_id=1.

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  1. I live in Southern California. Where can I purchase the Bay Rum After Shave. My family used to live in St. Thomas, but are no longer there to purchase the Bay Rum for me.

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