5 new restaurants – all you need to know

No fewer than five new eateries have opened their doors on the island in the past four weeks.
Now, that's a lot of new businesses developing, reason enough for the St. John Sun Times to bend its rules on reviews.  

Samnjacks No time to give the place time to find their groove while the ST's foodies sample the fruits of three visits. So, the Sun Times broke its rules to 'serve' is readers.  

Here are a few notes from the article.

  • Fatty Crab, across from the ball field in Cruz Bay

    "It isn't just dinner, it's an experience … It has a nightclub vibe, with people making the scene, dressed in that island fancy style that must cost a fortune …  The chef, Zak, had actually hooked and pulled in the king fish, mackeral, and mahi that were being served …" 

  • Sam & Jack's Deli, 3rd floor of the Marketplace

    "Paradigm shift in the St. John sandwich world … The menu is a New York deli dream … Gourmet take-out comes to St. John … The real star of the shjow is the homemade bread.

  • Black Sand Bistro, 2nd floor of the Marketplace

    "A pretty spot-on incarnation of the classic French bistro … Serioiusly good food at neighborly prices … Steamed mussls in a spicy marinara sauce, perfectly pan-roasted chicken breast on a bed of penne with carmelized onions."

  • Lone Star, 2nd floor of the Marketplace
  • Buddy's Hurricane Hole at Wharfside Village

4 thoughts on “5 new restaurants – all you need to know”

  1. Er, Zak HAS been filled in on ciguatera, right? I’ve had it, and I wouldn’t eat a king or mackerel from ANYWHERE around here, North or South. I got it from a 10# northside king. A lot of the Frenchies don’t eat it either. It’s just asking for it.

  2. Black Sand Bistro was the last meal I had on STJ,after living there for a year, the chimichuri mayo was the most amazing condiment Ive ever tasted, asked for more…and told them, they’ve got a true winner! Even if you just get the fries and dip it in they’re…SCRUMPTIOUS..portions were HUGE and not for a huge price! Love the personal attention we received from Dustin and Johnathon and hey ,the pickle,well IT WAS FREE..this place is awesome….only wish I could bring them home to my personal staff…maybe Ill have an opening soon guys!

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