Another Free Parking Option Going Away in Cruz Bay

gravel lot
Well folks, we heard the rumors and now it seems to to be true – the gravel parking lot in Cruz Bay is going to turn into a paid lot sometime in the future.

Awhile back, we stumbled across a RFP to pave the lot and install lighting, so we knew this was all on the horizon. And now, according to the Tradewinds News, the Coastal Zone Management Board approved to pave the lot, which means that paid parking is undoubtedly happening at some point.

If you’re not familiar with the lot, it’s the one in Cruz Bay adjacent to the car barge area. It’s currently marked as a 72-hour lot and many police vehicles often park there.

So what free options will remain in Cruz Bay once this happens? Here’s a brief and updated rundown of Cruz Bay parking options which we posted earlier this year:

Free Parking

One small-ish free option is next to the tennis courts in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles lot. This is where the Little Olive food truck is. There are roughly 20 spaces, I believe, but they go fast.

You can also park for free at the customs lot across from the Post Office.

customs lot parking
Customs Lot

The small lot across from the BVI ferries in Cruz Bay is also free, as is the teeny lot beside it near the walkway to the National Park Visitor’s Center.

secret parking

visitor center parking

Lastly, there are a handful of spots across from Mongoose Junction on the road that leads behind the National Park Visitor’s Center. Be careful over there, however, as some spots can only be used at certain hours and others are for permitted vehicles only.

across from mongoose parking

Free Parking if You’re Using a Business

There are several parking options you can use if you are visiting a business. Parking at Mongoose Junction, Bayside Mini Mart and The Fish Trap/convenience store are all reserved for customers. Parking up at the Lumberyard is also reserved for people using a business. If you park in these areas and are not using a business or use a business and then walk around town, you will be at risk for getting a ticket, booted or towed.

mongoose parking
Mongoose Junction
bayside parking
Bayside Mini Mart
fish trap parking
The Fish Trap and convenience store

Paid Parking

There are currently four paid lots in Cruz Bay. You can park at Wharfside Village, Slim Man’s which is across from Wharfside Village, L&L Jeep Rental’s lot which is across from the ball field and next to Extra Virgin Bistro, or the latest paid parking lot located at the old First Bank.

wharfside parking
Wharfside parking
Slim Man's paid parking
Slim Man’s paid parking
L&L Jeep Rental's paid parking lot
L&L Jeep Rental’s paid parking lot
unopened lot
Newest parking lot located at the old First Bank across from Woody’s

My guess is that it will take a bit of time to get this project going. We will keep you all posted.

6 thoughts on “Another Free Parking Option Going Away in Cruz Bay”

  1. There is also a parking lot for customers above Low Key and Drinks. It is FOR CUSTOMERS ONLY! They have a guy sitting in one of the buildings who watches the lot. If you park and walk down to Low Key or Drinks, you will be OK. If you walk off to let’s say Banana Deck, it will probably be booted before you can get back. They even booted a Low Key employee who parked there and walked off.

  2. Hope this project progresses at “island speed”. Loved using that lot, never had a problem finding a spot, bit of a walk to town but we didn’t mind.

  3. Wasn’t this lot suppose to REMAIN FREE for St. John people? Thats what I have been told before it even became finished…..forcing people back to the 70’s.

  4. Have you noticed there are vehicles parked at this lot for WEEKS at a time. It has become the home to many cars and trucks and sometimes you cannot find a spot to park while in town. So much for the 72 hour limit signs.

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