Cafe Roma’s owner: “We will return!”

Cafe Roma's owner: "We will return!" 1
Photo courtesy of Kevin McCarthy
From John Hiebert’s Facebook page …

“The restaurant closed last night at 10:30 pm….. same as always… (Sunday) at about 1:30 pm smoke was seen billowing out of the restaurant. Local business owners and staff jumped into action. (Castaways, Woodys) The fire Dept, Police, St John Rescue, and all that responded did a great job.

“However, the restaurant didn’t make it. 

“Thank God that Woody’s, La Tapa, and Quiet Mon, Bayside were not touched by the fire.  Sorry that you had to close because they shut off all power in the area…….. ( I am truly sorry that you had to close for the evening….. but I am so touched that you were all on your roofs with hoses trying to control the fire.) 

“I live on St Thomas, and had to wait for the next ferry (1 hour after we heard the news)–just to see what was going on…. I could see smoke billowing over St John the entire ride ……. That was quite sickening for Michelle and I, because we knew that it was our restaurant BURNING!!… When we reached the St John dock, Michelle and I were so touched by all the people greeting us at the ferry, tears in their eyes. 

“The St John community is sooooo very very special. You have turned out in support and prayers for us… THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! We are so very blessed by the friends and support from everyone. WE WILL REBUILD!!!!! ROMA WILL RETURN!”

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