AA – do it yourself and save


American Airlines has introduced a new feature on its Web site which, business being business, could be copied by competitors.  Go to AA.com and shop for the best fare to St. Thomas, and if you’re flexible – you can see what’s the best price on fares a month out.  With a click, you can also search for cheaper fares at nearby airports. Online travel services Expedia and Orbitz also offer the flexible search within-a-month feature, too. Details on American’s new features.

Coral Bay postal problems aired

The retirement of Tony Callwood, the Post Office’s long-time delivery person, has had a dramatic impact on operations in the Coral Bay area.  Complaints about missing packages and delayed deliveries prompted Tiffany Gumbs, who’s running the St. John Post Office, to meet with almost a dozen residents on the east end this week.  She said, "Tony was doing a lot of  above and beyond," according to a report of the meeting by the St. John Source.  He knew people, where they lived, and would make every effort to find them.  His replacements are not so familiar with the area.   

Gumbs also also said that people who get their mail in boxes along the route will have to go into the main post office in Cruz Bay to get packages, if they are too large for the mailboxes.  She indicated there are no plans to reinstate the use of a van to deliver mail to Coral Bay because it did not generate sufficient revenues to cover the cost, the Source added.

Disclaimer: The publisher of this report is a co-owner of the Mail Center at the Marketplace, a local business providing mailbox and package pickup, and shipping services to residents and villa owners.

St. John plans for constitutional convention

Efforts to increase the ability of St. Johnians to manage their island will get a boost at public meeting December 6 when the Island Council Planning Committee meets at the Legislature Building.  The speaker will be Sen. Shawn-Michael Malone, the man behind the plan, approved by the senate, to convene a territory-wide Constitutional Convention in February 2006.  Carole DeSenne, director of the St. John Community Foundation, said the session it o educate the committee about the process and possibilities, according to a report by the St. John Source.  "We all need to work together," she said.

Resorts booking for busy winter season

TourismassnThe Westin St. John is projecting its 282 rooms will be 80 percent occupied during the upcoming season, while Caneel Bay
resort expects to fill 74 percent of its rooms.  The statistics were
released at a recent meeting of the USVI Hotel and Tourism Association,
the St. John Source reported.  St. Thomas’ Holiday Inn
had the most optimistic projection, estimating its 151 rooms will be 87
percent occupied.  The Association’s leadership also outlined
promotional plans for next year, telling members it hoped to invest $1
million marketing the islands to vacations through its Web site, trade shows, and sales presentations on the mainland.

Critics protest gambling at Wharfside

Reaction to our story about the opening of Captain’s Cabin Games and Sports Bar at Wharfside Shopping Mall has been almost unanimous: NOMY (Not on my island!).  Comments about the availability of horse race betting and video lottery terminals on the second floor of the center prompted two suggestions that what was likely to come next would be a Hooter’s bar. 

"We’re building a home on St. John to get away from this sort of low-life garbage," wrote Bill Hoffman.  "This is truly depressing.  I’m not only depressed, I’ve moved on to anger" added Dee.  "I really doubt the paradise worshipers will go for this type of cheap, low class entertainment," added Steve.

However, at least two posts were supportive.  "Get real people," wrote Ronnie.  "It’s inside a building not bothering anybody."  He continued, ominously some might say, "It will only be a matter of time that there will be a real casino … maybe even on St. John."  A comment from SJ said, "I think it is a good idea.  I love horse racing." 

Several calls to the person identified as Wharfside’s manager, for comment, were not returned.

New businesses

Lonnie Willis, a co-owner of the Fish Trap and Stone Terrace restaurants, will open a naturally good idea in the Raintree Mall at the end of December or early January. "You’ll be able to buy all kins of fish, scallops, etc. and Fish Trap Chowder and salads to go for lunch and dinner," he said.  General Manager Christopher Gagnon will oversee the operation.

And the new deli has opened at Mongoose Junction.  Called the Deli Grotto, it began operations at the end of October, headed up by Dan Sheffey.  He’s also been the owner of the wonderful Grateful Deli at Red Hook on St. Thomas.