Cruz Bay parking lot changes

Cruzbaylot Parking in Cruz Bay could get a lot easier, and logical, if plans described by the island administrator go into effect and are enforced. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Coral Bay Community Council, Julien Harley said next week the lot across from the Post Office will be limited to 45-minute parking, according to a report of the meeting in the St. John Source.  All-day parking, as is the rule now, will be prohibited.  Harley said, "It’s important the (new parking) rules are enforced.  We will be leaning on (Deputy Police Chief Angelo) Hill to be diligent."

Patricks_2No word on whether Patrick’s immobile mobile food service will ever move.

The island administrator also said cab drivers will get access to fewer of the parking spaces next to the ferry dock.  He said a limited number of taxis will be allowed on the waterfront and that a government employee will act as a dispatcher, calling up additional taxis as needed. (Wonder where the cabs-in-waiting might stand by.  Not the lot across from the Post Office, we hope?)

New public school seen closer

SchoolkidsA land swap between the V.I. National Park and St. Thomas’ Paiewosnky family could open the way for construction of a new public school, replacing Sprauve School in  downtown Cruz Bay. Island administrator Julien Harley reported plans are in the works to trade Park-owned land at Catherineberg, in the middle of the island, for Paiewonsky-owned land on Hassel Island.  While there have been discussions in the past, Harley told the Coral Bay Community Council it appears they will result in a deal this time.

Harley also said that a woman identified as Elizabeth McCormick is putting together a philanthropic package of $8 million, according the a report of his comments by the St. John Source.  It is conditioned on the local government raising the same amount.  "We’ll match it," he said.

Grande Bay grows

Developers of the Grande Bay Resort project at Cruz Bay have announced they have added an additional building with 14 more residences. Celia Kalousek, the developer liaison, e-mailed last week there are four unsold units in the new building, ranging in price from $576,00 to $1 million. She has floor plans and pricing information available, at 340-715-3167. (This is not an advertisement.)

GrandbayMeanwhile, excavation for the project appears to be complete. Lots more "blue bitch" rock than they expected, which is why real estate sources suggest a completion date of Fall, 2006 – a year later than originally expected.

I do, I do

The 3rd annual Valentine’s Day Renewal Ceremony at Trunk Bay drew 52 couples to reaffirm their commitments.  Among them were Diane and Reed Shank of Cincinnati.  They were on island for the event last year and made it a point to return this year. "It reminds us once a year why we stay together," she told the St. John Source.  The longest-married couple, 5 years, was John and Barbara Achzet.  The ceremony had to be moved from the beach to a pavilion at Trunk Bay because of rain.  It was organized by Cathy Dove and Anne Marie Porter.

The $15.50 newspaper

Drbnyt_1 On the beach at Caneel Bay, Sunday afternoon, after a fantastic lunch at the beach side restaurant – Donna didn’t think the gioft shop’s price for The New York Times price was too high.

Utility pole still in the road

Pole The Water and Power Authority has not yet removed that power pole in the middle of the road beside the Enighed Pond commercial port. Although WAPA said it planned to get the job done last week, the agency said the ground was too wet from rain. The pole is on the left side of the road as you drive along the pond. The Port Authority said it had no choice but to pave around the pole, because its contractor was ready to do the work, and after three months’ notice WAPA still had done nothing.