Weddings a winner for Westin

The manager of the Westin Resort and Villas says the past season was one of the best ever, and summer doesn’t look too bad, either.  Matt Balcik told the St. John Source, "The summer looks like 85 to 90 percent occupancy."  Even September, he added, is 60 to 65 percent booked.  Balcik said St. John has become a ‘hot’ location, and the growing wedding business helps, too.  He estimated the resort hosts as many as 70 nuptials a month.

Property managers at villas also said the season was good.,  Robin Clair said the winter season at the four-unit Estate Zootenvaal was "non-stop.  It was beautiful, wonderful."  And Lauren Morrissette said her 10-room Estate Lindholm bed and breakfast is booked solid through July 4.

Chesney has building plans

Mrs. Inquiring Iguana, watching TV, before she left on a 10-day-trip to Ireland,  reported … "On NBC’s TODAY show, Matt Lauer said "Apparently they got married on a hill where Kenny wants to build another house.  Then they went to the house he already has.  A small party of about 35."  Mrs. I.I. added, "There was no ‘s’ in St John … NBC got it right!"

AP has details

"The wedding reception was held Monday night
at Chesney’s house in the gated community of Peter Bay, on the north
side of the island. Guests could be seen milling around a garden where
there was an outdoor buffet and light music playing.

"The couple and about 45 guests gathered Sunday night at Rhumb Lines
restaurant in downtown Cruz Bay, the main town on the island, according
to restaurant employees." Full story.

Chesney-Zellwegger: a done deal

TwosomeEntertainment Tonight: "ET has confirmed that Oscar-winning actress RENÉE ZELLWEGER and country star Kenny Chesney
have tied the knot! The surprising couple were married on Monday on the
beautiful island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where the
singer has a home. In a short, 15-minute ceremony performed by a female
preacher in front of a small group of family and friends, the bride
wore CAROLINA HERRERA, one of her favorite designers, while the groom was reportedly barefoot. Both laughed and cried during the ceremony."  More

Air Taxi eyes November takeoff

St. John Air Taxi hopes to begin flights in about six months.  David S. Brown, chief executive, said he is negotiating for a landing spot near Enighed Pond and permission to build a ramp there.  Earlier reports indicated the airline would operate out of the Creek and near the Caneel Bay dock.  The air taxi is expected to charge as much as $900 for an hour of flight time, according to the St. John Source.  The Grumman Goose airplane can carry eight people.  "It’s like a street car for the Virgin Islands," Brown said, indicating the flights run operate continuously from St. John to St Croix to St. Thomas, and so on. He said the planes will not operate at night.