Grande Bay rezoning OKd

The VI Senate approved a rezoning request for the Grande Bay Resort development in Cruz Bay.  Word came about a day after property owners adjacent to the project filed a lawsuit in Superior Court to stop it.  The action by the Senate allows developers to construct an additional 14 units and a restaurant.

At Large Senator, and St. John reisdent, Craig Barshinger, voted against the rezoning along with three Senators.  Nine Senators voted for it.

Alexander Jadan, Natalie Jadan, Anastasia Trey and Elizabeth Trey own a 650-square foot cottage 35 feet uphill from the development.  They argued Grande Bay plans buildings that are in violation of height requirements and which will block their views of the water, sunrises and unset, and on-shore breezes, according to a report by the Virgin Islands Daily News.

The plaintiffs also faulted Grande Bay’s developers with violating building code requirements in their excavation of their 1.25 acre, charging:The defendants’ withdrawal of the lateral support of the plaintiff’s land was done in a manner that is contrary to applicable requirements and contrary to practices of reasonable care and workmanship in the construction industry.

Friends BBQ canceled – again

Due to potential stormy weather the Friends BBQ was postponed for the second time. “It’s unfortunate the weather isn’t cooperating with us, we really enjoy this event and are eager to share information about research and other projects happening in Park with the community” said Joe Kessler, Friends president.   “However, we would rather be safe than sorry when it involves the safety of others, and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused the “Ah We” Band, Miss Jane Johanus, and a host of volunteers and thank everyone for their understanding and continued support” said Kessler.

Christmas fest planned by Steve Simon

Three days of free Christmas music and and a parade are being organized by Steve Simon, St. John’s resident concert producer and musician. 

"With Love from Love City"  will begin with an evening of Latin jazz on Dec. 16, followed the next night by an evening of gospel and R&B and smooth jazz, and capped by a Christmas candle light festival Sunday night.  Santa Claus and his elves will lead a procession from Mongoose Junction to the Winston Wells ball field, where the concerts will be staged, too.  The final night’s concert will feature Calypso and reggae starring St. John’s own Inner Visions band and the Ah Wee Band.

The three nights of free entertainment are being sponsored by a number of businesses including the Westin Resort, St. John resident Donald Sussman, Premier Wine & Spirits, Holiday Homes, American Paradise Real Estate, Tropical Properties, Theodore Tunick & Co., First Bank, the Inn at Tamarind Court, and the USVI Dept. of Tourism.  More information is available by e-mail Simon  at

Save Patrick’s

OK, I slept on it last night.  I think Patrick should be allowed to stay in the Cruz Bay parking lot, where he’s been almost 30 years.

Patrick is a part of St. John.  Who has not told friends about this mobile van which never moves.  Which soaks up valuable parking spaces.  Which attracts people all hours of the afternoon and night, some of them even drinking beer (!).  Find me a tourist who hasn’t taken a picture of Patrick’s. Sure, some people might say it’s an eye sore.  But it’s the island’s eye sore.

You might say the same thing about the guy who wanders around town with a Heineken, while behind his back people say he owns lots of commercial land downtown. Or the guys slapping dominoes loudly and often violently on the bandstand.  Or people spilling out of Woody’s onto the road.

Nope, none of this is neat and clean and tidy – like the people who have built McMansions might like to see.  Such sights might not be what their visiting guests would find "acceptable." Boo hoo.  They don;t like it, they can go to Miami Beach, with 24/7 a.c. and its oh-so-sanitary surroundings

Get over it. It’s St. John. 

What do you think?  Add your comment below.

Bussing the boar

DrbfrbboarWe’re back.

Lovely early-fall days in Italy … fantastic food in mysterious Venice (read the book: The City of Falling Angels by John Berendt), days and nights with friends outside of Florence (a good time even though the Europcar’s transmission died and the tow truck left us God-knows-where) … followed by six days in Rome (like vacationing in Times Square).

Found Trevi Fountain every night!

Lots of work-arounds, lots of memories, plenty of good times.  The good time pictured above, bussing a stuffed, wild boar, was in San Gimignano

Now, back to work.

Real estate update

The Multiple Listing Service has more residential properties for sale than I have ever seen:  72 homes, with prices ranging from $450,000 to $8.4 million. 

By my calculation, the average house offered on St. John is priced at $2.26 million.  Total asking value of the MLS residences … $162.7 million!

Land offerings are numerous, too.  The MLS has 170. There are also 18 condos.  The developer who bought Oscar’s Convenience store, near Fred’s in downtown Cruz Bay, is asking about $450,000 for office condos being built.