New Cruz Bay business


Check back Wednesday for details about a new "fishy" retail operation opening this week. It’s a Natural.

Kenny Chesney’s island homes

USA TODAY profiles St. John/Peter Bay resident Kenny Chesney, reporting the singer has two homes in the islands. (Interestingly, the piece mentions only the Caribbean, never St. John.  Same anonymity in a Washington Post pan of the new album this morning.  Suggests Chesney’s baked in the sun too long and lost his drive.   Must be the islands, ‘mon :).

His new album released this week, with lyrics like,Chesney "I’ve watched boats sail in and out of Cinnamon Bay" and a mention of the Quiet Mon Pub,on the second floor above La Tapa

The new CD’s title is "Be As You Are".  You can audition tracks here.

Country Music Television is also playing an hour-long show this week featuring Chesney. "Fans will be treated to intimate, acoustic performances of his new songs, video footage of his favorite island getaway and reflections on what the islands mean to him," the cable channel’s program puff says.   Here’s the broadcast schedule.

Park Supt. hails plan

Supt. Art Frederick said his proudest achievement in his first year at the V.I. National Park was the launch of a revised general management plan.  Frederick told the annual meeting of the Park’s Friends group the venture offered the chance to shape a vision for the park and surrounding coral reefs, according to a report in the Virgin Islands Daily News.   

Frederick said the new mooring fee collection program has been adjusted and is now more boater friendly.  Saying that about 60 percent of moored craft are paying fees, Frederick reminded the group, "The objective is not to collect fees, but to protect the seascapes and the fragile marine habitat."

The Supt. also reported that the $300,000 upgrade to visitor facilities at Hawksnest Beach is due to be completed by next weekend, and that a similar project is planned for Maho Bay Beach this year.  Rehabilitation of the North Shore Road, including repairs to guardrails and improving drainage, is expected to begin this summer.

Paradise Lumber expansion nears

The owner of Paradise Lumber on Centerline Road hopes to have a 7,000-square foot building complete by March to expand his business.  Brian Rourke said a gardening section will be added, and plumbing, electrical, paint, roofing and doors inventories will be enlarged, he told the St. John Source. While Rourke said prices at the store are usually less than if customers bought items in Florida or St. Thomas, that could change because of the renovation of the Red Hook cargo docks.  Prices will go up if the V.I. Port Authority does limit the size of shipping containers to 20 feet, rather than the current 40 feet.  This will increase shipping costs, which will be passed on in higher prices, he told the Source.

Road map for Fish Bay paving

Fishbay Fish Bay land owners are being encouraged to pay their homeowner association dues in advance for ten years and have the money earmarked to pay the cost of putting a hard surface on Marina Drive, the development’s main access road.  The plan has been endorsed by the Estate Fish Bay Owners Association board.  If 40 percent of owners agree to participate, the project can be completed immediately and require no dues increase nor assessment, according to a description of the project on the Owners’ Association’s Web site. "The condition of Marina Drive is constantly in flux depending upon the whims of Mother nature," the association told members, to explain why the paving project is no longer a matter of "if", but "when.  "We won’t know the actual level of participation until the dues notices go out and the monies come in," Terry Pishko, president of the Association said on the organization’s message board.

Marina Market building for sale

Marinawinesandspirits American Paradise Real Estate is offering the Marina Market commercial space with an asking price of $1.45 million. The listing includes the 5,000 square foot building whose tenants are the newly-opened Marina Wines and Spirits and a gift shop. The liquor business is to be sold separately.

Marina Market was an island landmark, with competitive prices on grocery items and often the island’s lowest prices for wine.  After health code issues prompted the owner to close, the liquor store was opened in the spring.  It is located on the south shore road about half a mile from Cruz Bay, halfway between the Marketplace and O’Connor’s Texaco.