Daily STJ Images

Ok folks, we’re going to do our best to keep this updated in 2017! :)

All pics taken with our Apple iPhone 6…

February 10th: Cruz Bay morning

feb 10 cruz bay moon

February 7th: Maho 

feb 7 maho

February 7th: Cruz Bay sunsetfeb 7 sunset

February 5th: View from Peace Hill 

feb 5 peace hill

February 4th: Cruz Bay 

feb 4 cruz bay

February 4th: Sunsetfeb 4 sunset

February 1st: Charlie (the happiest dog in the world) at Peace Hill 

feb 1 charlie

January 24- Above Waterlemon Cay

jan 28 2016 waterlemon

January 22 – America Hill Ruins

america hill jan 22

January 21 – Somewhere in the Sea

jan 21 beer sunset

January 21 – Saba Rock, BVI 

saba rock jan 21

January 20 – Sunset in Cruz Bay

sunset cruz bay jan 20

January 18 – Maho

maho jan 18

January 15 – Reef Bay

reef bay jan 15

January 14 – New Falling Goats sign 

falling goats

January 12 – Caneel Hill 

caneel hill jan 12

January 10 – Normal Island, BVIs

january 10th norman

January 9 – Super fun looking yacht in the BVIs

slide normal island

January 8 – Honeymoon Beach 

honeymoon beach hike

January 8 – Caneel Bay overlook 

caneel overlook jan 8

January 7 – Great Cruz Bay 

schnell pool jan 7

January 6 – Ryan, our local hero who runs the Animal Care Center


January 5th – Privateer


January 4th -Hawksnest 


January 3rd – Donkeys on North Shore Road


January 2nd – Rainbow in Cruz Bay 


January 1st – First sunset of the year


January 1st – Cruz Bay morning