Raffle Villa Spotlight: Ardisia

ardisia from water

Ardisia is located directly on the water in Great Cruz Bay.

Earlier this week we announced our 2019 raffle, and I believe it is our best one yet. For just $25, you can win a stay at one of eight great places here on St. John. Our grand prize is a five-night stay for up to six people at Ardisia, a luxury villa located directly on the water in Great Cruz Bay. That’s right, for just $25, you have the chance of staying at a luxury villa on St. John. Pretty exciting if you ask me!

The best part of the raffle – and yes, we understand that winning a free stay on St. John is pretty great – is that we plan to support several great organizations here on St. John. We chose to support the following because they are less funded than some of the other big name organizations here on island. We also chose to support them because we really believe in what they do. We plan to support the following: Island Health and Wellness, Love City Community Network. Julius E. Sprauve School, St. John Christian Academy, Carolina Corral, Love City Pan Dragons, St. John Historical Society and C.O.R.E.

But now let’s talk about Ardisia. I promise you’re going to love it!

Ardisia is a brand new, five bedroom, luxury waterfront villa in Great Cruz Bay. The villa is complete with whole house air-conditioning, dual-band WIFI coverage, top-of-the-line furnishings, an infinity-edge pool, spectacular views and a private beach. In some cases, pictures speak louder than words. That’s certainly the case here. Check out these images:

ardisia overview

ardisia pool

ardisia bay

ardisia living space

kitchen 2

ardisia dining

ardisia stairwells ardisia bedroom

ardisia sunset

Pretty amazing, right?

If this villa looks familiar to you, it’s because we also raffled it off last year. And that winner – Will Guza of Virginia – bought only two tickets, spending just $50. Pretty incredible! Oh and even more incredible is that we were bale to raise more than $100,000 last year! Not bad for a little blog in the Caribbean! 😉

Ardisia has five bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests. Rates start at $10,500 a week and vary depending on number of people and season. It’s a great space for large families or couples looking to vacation together.

In addition to its beautiful features and great waterfront location, Ardisia is one of the few villas on St. John where guests can take a boat trip right from the villa. You may have to wade in the water a bit, but it sure beats an early morning drive into town to catch the boat at the dock!

So when you’re planning your next vacation, please keep Ardisia in mind. For those of you who’d like more information, please check out Ardisia’s website at www.ardisiastjohn.com

And for those of you who’d like to purchase a ticket to enter our raffle and support the amazing organizations listed above, you can do so below. Click choose your number of tickets and click the Buy Now button. That will bring you to a secure PayPal checkout page. And if you’d like to see a full list of the prizes, organizations we’re support and the fine print, please visit www.newsofstjohn.com/raffle

Good luck!

The raffle period has ended. 

6 comments for “Raffle Villa Spotlight: Ardisia

  1. Katie Paris
    March 7, 2019 at 10:59 am

    This place looks amazing!!! St. John is my favorite place!!! I look forward to going back every time I leave! Good luck to me!! 😀

  2. roger devitt
    March 7, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    just bought 4 tickets hope one is a winner

  3. Chris
    March 7, 2019 at 4:11 pm

    Love St John!
    I have friends staying at this property this week….Hope I get lucky!!

  4. March 8, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Holy c**p! Don’t think I have 8 friends who are worthy : )

  5. JFH
    March 10, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    Question: Is there a way to watch the actual drawing of the winner(s) when it happens?
    We are planning a Caribbean/ St. John party and a bunch of us are going to buy tickets
    and want to watch the drawing take place live. Can that happen? Details?

    • News of St. John
      News of St. John
      March 11, 2019 at 8:30 am

      I have the ability to stream live on Facebook, but I am not sure I can on the website…I will definitely look into that! I will post the time when the winner will be announced though!

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